Realtors wrestle with a range of information challenges while handling properties, including incomplete property data, inaccuracies, limited access to historical records, the complexity of tracking large development projects, ensuring legal compliance, juggling multiple listings and multiple buyers, coordinating with various stakeholders, and safeguarding sensitive data. These hurdles underscore the need for efficient data management and client communication tools in the real estate industry.

GRID revolutionizes real estate for realtors. When an owner designates a listing agent in GRID, realtors gain comprehensive property insights, access to property history and a virtual filing cabinet, and the ability to identify strengths and guide sellers on mitigating title defects. GRID serves as an accessible real-time registry, providing crucial details on ownership, development plans, permits, surveys, and more. It promotes property stewardship, transparency, compliance, and accountability, facilitating efficient property assignments and compliance reporting. During property sales, GRID seamlessly connects stakeholders, tracks sales from contract to deed transfer, generates alerts, enables instant document sharing, and creates an immutable process log, streamlining the entire real estate transaction process. GRID is a gamechanger, empowering realtors with efficiency and transparency throughout the property journey.


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