About US

Our story

In 2017, we identified a gap in the real estate industry characterized by a lack of transparency and connectivity. To address this, we introduced GRID – the Geo-Registry Integrated Datachain. Our aim was to enable all property stakeholders to access permission-based shared data and knowledge, and to collaborate on property changes in real time.

Through research studies conducted by the University of Ottawa and St Francis Xavier University on behalf of GRID, and in close collaboration with thousands of industry professionals, including property owners, municipal governments, realtors, lawyers, surveyors, appraisers, lenders, and insurers, we have gained valuable insights into our customers’ needs. This knowledge informs our ongoing efforts to enhance solutions in building permitting, property development, planning and zoning, enforcement, property transfers (including pre-sales and assignments), insurance, and secured lending.

We invite you to join us as we revolutionize the way our real estate industry operates.


GRID’s mission is to create a collaborative real estate platform that efficiently connects all stakeholders, professionals, and consumers, and manages all property related records.

GRID offers dynamic property management solutions, registry services, data solutions, as well as real-time insight by tracking changes to a property, archiving significant records, and providing permission-based access to information.

GRID establishes trust in property records through consensus and trust in property stewardship through transparency.

Once fully integrated, GRID will be the trusted go-to authoritative source for all property related information.

Our Vision

Our goal is to collaborate with governments, property owners, stakeholders, and professionals, reaching as many communities as possible to provide them with a modern, efficient, and user-friendly property management solutions for the benefit of All.



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