Property Owners


Property owner challenges, such as chasing property information from multiple sources, verifying its reliability, finding listing details after property sales, coordinating subdivision and condominium plans, managing renovation projects and inspections, handling information in various formats, making decisions under pressure, and meeting lender requirements within tight timelines, can result in significant consequences such as time wastage, poor decisions, delays, and added costs. GRID acts as a bridge, effectively addressing these challenges and mitigating their adverse effects, offering owners a streamlined and efficient solution to property management.

When owners access their property profile in GRID, they unlock a versatile tool that consolidates years of property data, simplifies information sharing with real estate professionals, and acts as a central repository for property-specific details. GRID also eases the tasks of estate executors and attorneys handling power of attorney responsibilities. Owners can effortlessly share information, manage access privileges, and much more. Moreover, GRID serves as an accessible real-time registry for ownership and property details, development plans, permits, surveys, and various contracts. It promotes property stewardship, transparency, and compliance while facilitating smooth property transformations. This comprehensive platform ensures seamless connections between owners and stakeholders, tracks property transactions, streamlines approval processes, generates alerts, and maintains an immutable log of the entire property transformation journey. GRID – Empowering Property Management and Transformation.


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